The Happy Day Project Weekly Roundup

I have realised that with my busy schedule it is not very feasible for me to be able to sit and write a blog post every day. If my world were perfect then i’m sure that I would be able to do this, but as we all know, nobody’s world is perfect.

This week has been quite up and down for me. As I said in my last post, my youngest son had been given a credited extra part in a popular TV drama. We knew when he got the part that he would be filming last Wednesday so I went into work hoping to be able to get that day off so that I could both take him there and watch the filming being done…as well as get a sneaky glance of Aidan Turner (Sssshhhh, yes, it is Poldark that he has got a part in). Unfortunately I could not be granted my wish as there were already too many people away. Gutted is an understatement. One of the biggest things to happen with my boys (and as a single parent for 15 years I have taken them everywhere, seen them do everything, generally been there to support and encourage) and I couldn’t be there. It wasn’t a problem getting him there as my eldest son drives and was at home anyway, but I just really, really wanted to be there – not just for Aidan Turner, honest! We didn’t know his casting call time until Tuesday and when it came through for 2pm I thought, maybe? Might just catch the tail end? So when my boss came to me at 3.30pm and told me to go home (this is an hour early, although I was owed time off in lieu of hours worked) I was definitely not going to argue. Drove home, picked up my eldest (he had dropped his brother off and driven home again-the shoot was only about 25 mins from home) and we hot footed it over there. We got to the designated beach by 4.15, his shooting started at about 5.30 and ended at around 7.30 when it was no longer light enough to do anything else. My son was cold and wet, at one point during the filming his temperature had dropped to 34 degrees and the crew did everything they could to get him warmed up. In between takes he was bundled up in silver cloaks, puff jackets, hot water bottles and blankets. He also had sole use of the ambulance that had its heating on full blast all the way through. Afterwards, when my eldest and I were back at the car we got to see him pulling up at the base camp in the ambulance and watched him get out. One of the main actors ran up to him, threw his arms around him and I could hear him say,

‘You did fantastic Mate, well done!’

as they headed off to where he could shower and change.

walking down beach

My son is the guy in the puffa jacket and joggers, staying as warm as possible before he got wet and cold. He is walking to his filming point with Ross, Demelza and Dwight Enys.

So that was both my intense low and my incredible high for this week. I think it is going to take quite a lot to beat it somehow. But, this is supposed to be about others smiling, so what I have I done to attempt to achieve this? Well, a quick synopsis is that I made an apple cake for a friend who gave me loads of apples and pears from her trees and gave it to her. She said it was delicious. I have learnt how to crochet flowers and put them onto some baby hats that I have donated to the children’s clothing bank.

Knit hats-8

Another friend mentioned that her grand daughter is mad about Minnie Mouse and It coincided with me having some Minnie Mouse headbands in the car that I had made. Cue, give her a random present for her gorgeous granddaughter. I will say here that she wasn’t aware that I had made these head bands, they are a new addition to my sewing stock.

Headband collage-2

I took a few photographs of another friend who wanted them of her favourite tree in the grounds of where we work – it is a beautiful tree… tree

I have also been quite busy behind the scenes preparing other surprises as well as being my general kindhearted, generous self, smiling, saying thank you and waiting patiently for people to walk through doors…I even managed not to get cross (well, outwardly) when a little darling was pushing her toy pushchair around the local shop, generally getting in the way and screaming when her mother wouldn’t let her have a yoghurt because she already had some at home…..

Now that takes an awful lot of kindness…..

This week has been an awesome week.

Anita. xx

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