The Happy Day Project Day 10/365.

Today has been an awesome day which I have spent in turn being chilled out or extremely excited. I still can’t really talk about the extremely exciting bit other than that it includes my youngest son getting an acting part that he wanted on a big tv show. See, very exciting stuff and it is all go here.

The chilled out bit was while this afternoon, the sun was shining, I was in Newquay and we went for a short walk. It doesn’t sound like very much but while we were on our route we stopped and watched a group of about 5 youths riding their skateboards in the skate park, we then stopped and watched a dog who was having fun jumping in and out of a river while his owner chatted to us, next we sat on a bench and watched a few people playing tennis in the tennis courts. Another dog was walked past us on a lead and stopped to be petted, we then went around the bowling green where a match was in progress and we made our way slowly back to our starting point.

As i said, nothing spectacular but what struck a chord is that everyone was happy and everyone was having fun. I know all the health professionals say that exercise is good for lifting you out of the doldrums, but I think this is the first time that I have actually taken note and seen how this actually works. Cameraderie, team spirit and just the adrenaline surge all seem to combine to make life better, more worth living.

And probably the sun helps also…

Today is an awesome day. x

Anita. x

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