About Anita Hunt and Piskie Dreams

Hi there,

I’m Anita Hunt and the proprietor of Piskie Dreams.

I have spent the last fifteen years raising three boys, as well as honing my love of writing through two undergraduate degrees and, finally, a Master of Arts in Creative Writing. me single professional photo

I live in the middle of the beautiful County of Cornwall and yes, the land of the Cornish Piskie, hence the name.

I have also spent the last twenty years working with adults with cognitive disabilities – alzheimer’s, dementia, autism, learning disability … you name it, i’ve worked with people who live with it every day of their lives. In this work i have found that very little literature exists that is suitable for helping adults with memory skills and reminiscence activities… so i made my own. There are currently three books in the ‘Memory Sessions’ series and they are on sale on Amazon.

goat cover  On the Farm Memory Sessions  – Click here

At The Zoo  At the Zoo Memory Sessions – Click here

Food and Drink copy  Food and Drink Memory Sessions – Click here

I am passionate about the written word in all it’s forms.

The power it holds to harm and heal, to worship and abhor, to be or not to be…

Ok, someone else might have said that last bit … but it still holds true for how I feel that words are the windows to how we are feeling, acting and doing. We use them to convey our innermost emotions – or hide them.

Therefore, my purpose is to help you to make the most of your written language. Whether in editing your novel or short story, helping you to write a letter, CV or with a newsletter for your business or club. One on one sessions are available to support your own learning or group sessions where I can facilitate a supportive network enabling you to grow and support each other while you explore the world of the written word.

Writing is also a perfect way to support your own wellbeing and mental health. Supportive, non-judgemental guided workshops are available to enable you to learn how to develop the focus and find the internal resources that everyone has and can bring calm and order to a tumultuous mind.

Please see the relevant pages for more information.

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