The Happy Day Project, Day 5/365

‘No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted.’  Aesop.

Since starting this project, and yes, i know it has been less than a week, I am finding myself stopping and thinking how much we actually do during the day that can be interpreted as an act of kindness, but others take for granted. For instance, this afternoon I went shopping in Asda. this was a painful experience and I really should have known better than to attempt a weekly shop on a damp and drizzly saturday afternoon, but needs must and all that. Anyway, it was busy and i was not exactly in a hurry but it’s not my favourite activity so i prefer to just get in and get done. The problem with a supermarket when it is busy though, is that there are other people who get in the way. I had my trolley and meandered through the aisles, shopping list in my hand and a mission in my mind. I stopped abruptly when a child ran in front of my trolley, smiled at the harassed mother as she grimly chased after him, i think i received a nod in return. I politely said ‘excuse me’ more times than I can count when trying to manoeuvre my way past old friends that had stopped to chat in the aisles, a few times they said ‘sorry’ to which i replied sweetly with ‘no worries’ and a smile, a few times I was the recipient of a grimace as they moved their trolley a couple of inches so i could just about squeeze through, i still smiled sweetly and said ‘thank you.’ At the till I purchased a couple of reusable bags instead of taking the free ones – does an act of kindness towards the planet count as attributing to a happy day? In my book definitely – and I was pleasantly surprised when the cashier noticed that one of my bottles of milk was leaking and asked for another one to be brought over to replace it.

None of these are particularly spectacular or notable on their own, but looked at closer and followed by my shopping in Wilko’s later where I purchased another reusable bag – that’s three for the planet! – but this time it had a picture of a bee on it with the word ‘happy’ underneath. It seemed appropriate, also because I am a seamstress (sewing bee) and I am particular drawn to this tiny little creature at the moment. Following Wilko’s I went into a small independent kitchen shop to purchase a net food cover and when he asked me if I needed a bag for it I replied ‘no, i’ll stick it in here thanks.’ He noticed the bumble bee and said ‘that’s a happy bag,’ I laughed and said ‘yes, it’s a bee happy bag,’

‘I get it,’ he said, ‘bee happy!’ And then he smiled, transaction completed and I left the shop.

So, Aesop was right, even the smallest act of kindness is worthy, a polite nod, a small thank you, a jokey conversation …and don’t forget the planet!

Today is always a good day. x

Anita. x

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