The Happy Day Project, Day 4/365

Friday 4th September 2015.

Today has been a peculiar day, my work day was spent on a Newquay beach, yes, there are times when I have a very nice ‘office’, but I have also been plagued with thoughts about the Refugee crisis in Syria and the plight that has befallen those people.

As I was getting ready for work this morning I had a random thought along the lines of surely America and Australia have more than enough empty land space to accommodate the displaced population and I quickly dashed off a Facebook post to the same effect. I guess I should have anticipated that feelings are high and very much divided over this subject, but I can sometimes not think too greatly about things at 7.30 in the morning when I really should be brushing my teeth…

So what happened? By the time I returned from work and checked my posting it appeared that I had a war of my own on my status update. A cross between those who thought that we should not help at all and those that felt that we needed to do more and open our borders to all of the displaced. I was not particularly amused by this, although it did make a dramatic change from the kind of replies I normally get, and will admit to having a small rant of my own about how people should ask me or read my blog for yesterday before making their minds up about my beliefs, particularly when this is happening whilst I am working and unable to defend myself. What they are also unaware of is that before that posting appeared I had volunteered my services to the organisation in order that I can help where I am able should any refugees be resettled in an area close to me.

Kindness comes in many guises, sometimes it is broadcast from the highest rooftop – more striking to me than the image of the little boy who died lying face down in the sand is the video footage of the gentleman who, ever so tenderly, picked up the tiny tot and carried him away from the prying cameras – and sometimes it is kept hidden, thought about and cogitated over whilst a person carries on their daily business, knowing in their hearts that they are doing their best, and waiting for the time that they can bring it to action. Just because those thoughts cannot be seen does not make them any smaller than those that are shouted about, it is what is contained in the heart that matters most.

I am now going to go and sit in my lounge and complete the baby hat I am knitting for the Children’s Clothing Bank, it is small and will be totally insignificant to a lot of people, but to me, a mother and a tiny newborn baby somewhere in the future, it will mean a lot, and that is what matters.

Today is always a good day. x


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