The Happy Day Project

Monday 4th April 2016

Age is just a number.

A random conversation this morning had me telling an anecdote about my Sons which also involved me saying that they were 22, 20 and 18. The surprised expression of my conversational ally was accompanied by a comment of ‘you don’t look old enough to have a son that age!’

Of course, we all just love it when we are told that we don’t look as old as our actual age but when I told her that I was, in fact, 48 she looked truly shocked, as I undoubtedly did when she then informed me that she was 79! Oh my goodness, never in a million years would I have said she was that age!

In a follow-up conversation with a colleague regarding this small interaction, I said that I am not precious about people knowing my age to which the colleague replied that I would change my mind when I got even older than I am now and this set me thinking.

Ok, I have an issue with people telling me what to do anyway, that is a given, and even more so when I am told what I should be thinking, but I have always believed that as there is only one way to stop ageing (and no, I don’t want to go down that road) then I have to be happy with what I have. I am proud of all…well, most…of the experiences that have filled every single one of the years that I have lived. Some have been good, a few have been bad, but they all make up the person I am today. I cannot be embarrassed about that person, despite her foibles and quirks, because how can I be embarrassed about the amount of time that this journey I am on has taken me? What gives me that right?

I actually consider myself to be quite lucky. I am fit(ish) and healthy(ish) with no long term medical conditions (the dodgy back doesn’t count here). I look around me and I see old school friends and people much younger than me who are determinedly battling debilitating illnesses and, in some cases, sadly losing those battles. I admire them the strength they show in the ever present wars they are waging against the odds. I’m not sure that I could be quite so stoical in the face of the same hardships, but I know that age is no determining factor in what they are facing. I’m also pretty darn sure that they are envious of my fit(ish) and healthy(ish) 48 years, 4 months and 2 days of life.

In today’s society we see many more opportunities available regardless of age and experience doesn’t happen overnight, we have to learn it and to learn things properly it always takes time. I still have dreams of personal achievements, I still have a bucket list of things I want to do and I am quite sure that my 79 year old conversationalist of this morning has those too.

So no, I won’t change my mind when I am even older, I will always be proud of whatever age I am lucky enough to attain and I recommend that you do too. Life is a gift and each new day that we see is a present just waiting for us to open and absorb its delights. So rip off that wrapping paper, stick the bow in your hair and celebrate each and every minute.

me new hair

And make sure that every day is a happy day.

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