The Happy Day Project Day 8/365

It has been a whole week now since I started this project and it is going strong. I have learnt so much already within this process that I never really thought I would. Most of all is the realisation that it is the little things that make just as much difference as the grand gestures.

Today it has been a very long day at work, where I maintained my happy outer shell and, I hope, kept everyone happy. This has been followed by a meeting with my accountant – I will admit to hating doing the monthly accounts and unfortunately it is time to submit those for the tax mans perusal – and I know that I will keep my accountant happy when I pay the bill for his services….

I have also checked out my drying rose petals and lavender and they are all crisping up nicely.

This evening…in approximately 15 mins…I also intend to relax with my ball of wool making a baby hat for charity.

So, no grand gestures today, just a pleasant day in the glorious Cornish sunshine with the satisfaction that my work day went well, a pleasant chat and catch up with my accountant (ignoring the fact that we had to do figures and stuff, the chat was nice) and an evening with my feet up and another good deed being sorted.

Nothing spectacular but just making sure that,

Today is always a good day. x

Anita. x

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