The Happy Day Project Day 2/365

Wednesday 2nd September 2015

Well, I guess you could call today a bit of a washout. Waking up with a migraine this morning stopped play and meant that I could not go to work and therefore haven’t been able to see anybody all day. I am in danger of sinking into a black mood at this apparent failure so early in the project but I have a plan up my sleeve.

A plan? Plan B? Yay!!!

There is a new community project down here in not so sunny Cornwall called the Cornwall Childrens Clothes Bank and it is their aim to provide much needed clothing free to those children who are in desperate need of it. Within the items they require are knitted items for babies straight out of hospital so they can have something new to wear and although I consider myself to be just a basic knitter (I can do garter and purl stitches and I can increase and decrease…but that is about it) I have over the last month knitted a few hats for them which I have already donated.

So, tonight’s plan? I remembered that about 12 months ago I knitted a baby jacket but never got around to finishing it off, it only needs the poppers sewn on and then some bows put over the top of them to cover the stitches, and then I can start a matching hat….

Therefore, although I haven’t been able to put a smile on someone else’s face today, I will in the very near future by an act that I have done today, and I have been kind to myself in the process.

I call that a win, win situation and by making something positive out of a very painful negative I have still ensured that …

Today is a good day. x


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